5 Reasons You Should Know Your Insurance Agent Personally

You’ve seen the commercials by the big insurance firms. They’re clever and catchy and filled with irresistible mascots.

There are some things you just can’t get from a form on a website or a voice in a call center, however, and missing out on those things can often cost you money. For the following benefits, you need to visit your local independent insurance agent. 

1) You Can Actually Meet Your Agent

I live right here in Northeast Ohio, and have for many, many years. I know things about this area – and your home or business – that a faceless agent on the other side of the country just can’t intuit, no matter how much data they have.

And if you have a claim, being able to actually drop in and visit our offices is something the big guys can’t provide.

You’re also going to speak to the same service people every time you call, and you’ll always have a human being answering the phone right from the first ring.

You want these types of touches from your dentist, accountant, or whoever takes care of your hair. You deserve it with your insurance, too.

2) Customized Protection To Suit Your Needs

When it comes time to discuss scheduled items like jewelry, artwork, or musical instruments that require appraisals, the last thing you want to do is deal with a big bureaucracy.

A local agent can get into the real details of what you own, why it matters to you, and how it needs to be covered, not just based on the item, but based on what it means to you.

You collector’s item guitar is just a “collector’s item guitar” line item to the call center. I can understand that Keith Richards actually used it once, and understand why it has real value to you.

3) We Make House Calls

That’s no joke. We really do make house calls, and we do it all the time. There are details about your home insurance that we’ll see that simply would never be found by filling in a form on a website or talking to someone over the phone. 

Same goes for businesses. We insure our own business, so believe me when I tell you we know everything there is to know and every single nuance of running (and insuring) a business in Northeast Ohio.

4) We’ll Make Sure The Claims Adjuster Treats You Fairly

An independent insurance agent is an advocate for you. That’s why, after a claim, we can look at the damage ourselves to ensure the claims adjuster is treating you fairly. 

If you have insurance through a big agency, you’ve probably spent hours waiting for them to call you back or chasing after your payout. Let us do that for you.

5) We Know The Local Professionals

We live and work in the same neighborhood as you. That means when it comes time to repair damage to your auto or home, we can recommend local contractors and repair shops that we’ve actually used.

You won’t get recommendations based on firsthand experience from the big agencies – that firsthand knowledge just doesn’t exist in their systems.

Remember, using your local independent insurance agent is about more than supporting your local economy.

It’s also about ensuring you get the most and best service for your money. Want to know what else our agency can offer you? Get in touch. (Or just scroll down for another way to contact us.)