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Educate yourself on the law and protect your business and with proper insurance from USTI.

We’re the industry leader and the creators of the original UST Deductible Program.

We have the easiest underwriting requirements to understand and there is no waiting for a quote in the mail.


Proven solutions for your insurance and compliance issues.

We have helped hundreds of tank owners, just like you, reduce their total insurance costs.

In many cases, the savings our clients have realized were more than enough to pay their PUSTR and BUSTR fees.


Tank-only insurance programs start as low as $685 for one tank at $11,000 BUSTR deductiblewith $0 out-of-pocket and no annual papers to file!* (Pricing could be even lower if packaged with other insurance and potential credits.)

Surety bonds are also available for an $11,000 deductible for up to 6 tanks.

* Rates for various numbers of tanks & deductible options ($11,000 or $55,000) available on request.



Marking the "Self-Insurance" Block

Q: “I just marked the block for self-insurance. I don’t really need to have back-up paperwork and signed letters. No one ever checks, and besides, I can come up with $11,000 for a deductible. I’m good, right?”

A: Think again! You are breaking the law and you could have your business shut down. You could be completely excluded from the State Assurance Fund, if you have a tank release. You could also be fined up to $10,000 a day! However, even if you mistakenly checked self-insurance, you can always get into compliance by purchasing insurance or a bond before you have a site inspection. You may also use a letter of credit and a Stand-by Trust. The only item you can’t change after you complete annual state filing papers in July is your deductible amount of $11,000 or $55,000. You will feel secure knowing that both PUSTR and BUSTR recognize and accept our USTI documentation.

Using a Stand-by Trust Agreement

Q: “I used a Letter of Credit a few years ago, but I don’t need it anymore since I’ve upgraded my tanks. I’ve pulled all of my funds out and I don’t need an attorney to write a Stand-by Trust agreement.”

A: You are violating the law. You must maintain secured funds and have an executed Stand-by Trust in effect. Letter of credit funds must always remain in trust and cannot be removed as long as you are running an ongoing operation. This also means that in the event of a release, you must come up with an additional $11,000 or $55,000 to pay for your deductible. The entrusted funds are only used by the State in the event that you cannot pay for some reason. It is much easier to buy insurance. You’ll have no other expense save for the low annual premiums.

Using General Liability Insurance

Q: “My own General Liability Insurance will cover me since it contains $10,000 worth of Pollution Liability coverage in the form.”

A: Absolutely not! Read the form. This coverage is for accidental surface spills. Underground releases are absolutely excluded which is why you are required to carry coverage with BUSTR. You also must maintain an $11,000 or $55,000 deductible mechanism. If you don’t think this is correct, call your agent or insurance company and ask this same question. You will get the same answer; standard insurance policies do not cover underground leaks or releases! USTI programs cover both above ground and below ground issues.