How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?


Like so many insurance questions, the answer depends. How much life insurance do you need? It depends on a lot of factors, but let's try and simplify things a little bit. The principles of life insurance is that you're looking to insure against the financial impact of your family losing your income. As a result, you should look at where you are to figure out what you need to accomplish. The short answer is that you should have 10 to 12 times your annual salary, but you can get as detailed as you want when figuring out requirements. Let's look at an example.

Let's say you're a 35-year-old male with a wife and children aged five and eight. You make $50,000 per year in annual income. You have a $250,000 house and you owe $175,000 on your mortgage.

You could decide you need to leave your wife 10 times your annual income, or $500,000. With that, she could pay off the house and still have $325,000 to pay off cars or cover ongoing living expenses.

That's a good start, but what about college for the kids? Would you like to fund that as well? Let's say that's another $200,000 per child. So, now we're at $900,000 in coverage.

You probably have a little bit of life insurance through your job as well, so that likely brings you really close to $1 million in overall life insurance coverage.

Of course, it all depends on what it costs, right? Let's not wait to find out because you're probably overestimating the cost. 80% of Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance. That's a fact.

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5 Fun Places Near Chagrin Falls to Bring Your Dog This Summer

The warm days of spring and summer should not be enjoyed alone. Especially not when you have a dog!

There are some great dog-friendly parks in our region, so there is no excuse to avoid spending quality outdoor time with your furry friend this year.

Here are five of our favorite dog-friendly parks in the area, all of them worth a drive.

Bow Wow Beach

5027 Stow Rd, Stow

With over seven acres around a five-acre pond, all of it fenced in, this off-leash park offers good safety and security for your pet while also giving them loads to see and do. Plenty of places to run and roam and play, and it’s a nice enough park so that you’ll enjoy spending time there, too!

Tremont Park

W 11th St & Clark Ave, Cleveland

With fountains, benches, double fences and more, this dog park offers plenty of amenities to ensure you have a good time with your dog in a safe environment. Day trippers will enjoy how quiet the park can be, and if you drop in after work you’ll have plenty of friendly people to keep you company. Give it a visit!

South Euclid Dog Park

699 S Belvoir Blvd

The large, fenced-in area at this leash-free park means you and your dog will have plenty of room to run and get out all that energy – and that’s just what your dog needs! Just be sure to bring water, as there isn’t much shade here, especially during hot summer days.

Keyser Dog Park

550 Keyser Pkwy, Cuyahoga Falls

The two acres of off-leash area here feature a rolling landscape, benches, shade trees, a water hydrant, and more. It’s a perfect, cozy area to get some exercise with your furry loved one. If you dog enjoys socializing, they will enjoy this park!

Twinsburg Dog Park

9577 Liberty Rd, Twinsburg

Nothing fancy here, and that’s just fine. This is a fairly small leash-free park that many consider a hidden gem. The real draw here is the group of regulars that are here almost every evening. They are a friendly, welcoming group who always make newcomers feel at home. If this is your first dog park visit, this one is a good choice!

Getting outdoors with your dog is good for your dog and good for you – and if you’re in the beautiful Chagrin Falls area and the surrounding region, it’s easy to find great places to do it!

10 Places to Escape this Spring Near Chagrin Falls

Spring has sprung, which means it’s finally time to get out and have some adventures with your friends and family.

Thankfully, Chagrin Falls and the surrounding region offer plenty. Whether you’re getting out for the day with the little ones or are looking for a Saturday adventure with friends, these places should be on your list:

1. Chagrin Waterfalls

We couldn’t forget the namesake of Chagrin Falls! There are few nicer places to visit in the spring. This time of year you’ll love the gorgeous views of the falls, the mesmerizing sound of the water, and getting your fill at the concessions. Very nice place to bring the family!

2. Chagrin Valley Little Theatre

This quaint little theatre has been serving the community since 1930, offering a wealth of art and culture to the region. Here you’ll enjoy plays, musicals, dance, and more. And don’t forget their youth programs and murder mysteries!

3. Preston's Hope

If you have a family, this park should be high on your list of places to visit. Preston’s Hope features a miniature “town” that kids love, and with tons of room for romping your kids will be exhausted by the time they leave – which is great news for tired parents!

4. South Chagrin Reservation

With a lively river, forest full of places to explore, and the mysterious Squaw Rock carving, this huge park offers a perfect spring outing for adventurous residents. It’s s great place for group and family outings, too, with year-round educational programming year-round events like group bike rides and bird watching.

5. The Greenville Inn

Boasting a history that stretches back to the 1800s, The Greenville Inn is a good place to visit if you love music. They’ve been drawing the area’s best talent for as long as we can remember, and with so many locals making it a part of their Friday and Saturday night, you’ll always feel welcome.

6. Forest Ridge Preserve

This newly expanded preserve is an ideal destination for those who love the outdoors thanks to its wealth of trails, fishing ponds, and endless swaths of green. If you enjoy extended hikes, Forest Ridge connects with the South Chagrin Reservation, allowing you to put some miles on your shoes during the nice weather.

7. River Road Park

Boasting a large playground that is easily visible from anywhere in the park, this is one of the Chagrin Falls region’s most overlooked spots. There are trails for hikers and joggers, sports fields for getting together with the gang, and bathrooms with full plumbing. Great place to spend a spring afternoon!

8. Chagrin Falls Historical Society Museum

Open on Thursdays, the museum’s impressive collection of artifacts, photos, furniture, artwork, newspapers, and more will give you a window into the past that will make you appreciate the region even more than you already do.

9. The West Woods

A quick trip to Novelty will bring you to the West Woods, a park filled with well-maintained and secluded trails perfect for hikers. This is an excellent location for horseback riding, too.

10. Whitesburg Park

It’s not a big, sprawling nature preserve. Located near downtown Chagrin Falls, this is instead a cozy little park with approachable trails and nice water features. Perfect nature escape for the family.